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Wealth Management Solutions

In the financial services world, we hear the term “wealth management” mentioned a great deal. But, what exactly does wealth management mean?

To truly manage one’s wealth, it is imperative that all aspects of your financial life are being addressed. At Guidelight Financial, we specialize in helping individuals and their families develop and implement comprehensive, strategic financial plans. This includes the integration of all elements of your financial picture.

A comprehensive financial plan addresses:

  1. Asset Allocation (investments)
  2. Liability (debt and obligations)
  3. Protection (risk management and mitigation, i.e. life insurance, disability, property and casualty coverages)
  4. College Planning
  5. Estate Planning, Taxes
  6. Retirement Planning, Social Security
  7. Elder Care

As such, we follow a thorough process carefully designed to help you reach your financial life goals:

  1. Thorough data collection and establishment of comprehensive goals and objectives
  2. Financial Plan design, review and implementation
  3. Monitor ongoing progress towards goals
  4. Revise planning when needed for life changes

This comprehensive approach enables us to do more than simply provide investment advice. It allows us to take a snapshot of your current financial picture, and develop customized strategies to help you and your family to reach your goals.

Wealth management isn’t something that can be addressed with a one-size-fits-all strategy on a self service website. It requires experienced, ethical advisers who will treat you as the unique individual that you are by taking the time to create a customized, comprehensive financial plan, help you implement the plan, and provide the tools and guidance to help you stay on track.

Click on the video below to illustrate how My Guidelight, powered by eMoney Advisor provides the tools to help us collaborate with you to ensure that your plan is current, accurate and accessible at any time.

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