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Personal Wealth Planning

In the world of financial services, the term ‘wealth management’ is used frequently. What does wealth management actually mean?

To manage the wealth of an individual, family, or business, it is imperative to take a holistic approach to ensure total financial well-being. At Guidelight Financial, we specialize in helping people like you develop, implement, and monitor a strategic and comprehensive financial plan. Integrating all your lifestyle elements, we get to know our clients on a deeper level to ensure we include the entire picture.

A Holistic and Comprehensive Financial Plan Includes:

  • Asset Allocation

    Asset Allocation focuses on balancing risk against reward by selectively placing assets in various investment platforms based on the individual’s goals, risk tolerance, and cash flow needs.

  • Liability

    Liability encompasses debt and obligations. Debt refers specifically to borrowed money that is paid back in the future. Liability includes short and long-term obligations also. Liability includes all money or financial obligations owed to another party.

  • Protection

    Mitigate risk inherent to life by protecting yourself with important insurance coverages such as life, disability, property, and casualty. Take action to reduce exposure to, prevent, and manage risk.

  • College Planning

    It is never too early to begin planning for your child’s educational future. Reduce stress by planning ahead of time and taking advantage of the various resources available to plan for college effectively.

  • Estate Planning

    Ensure your loved ones receive your assets in a way that is tax efficient upon death or incapacitation. Plan ahead and be sure that your wishes are honored.

  • Retirement Planning

    Determine timing, estimate expenses, calculate the return, assess risk, and take advantage of comprehensive financial planning to make the most of your retirement. Understand and maximize your social security benefits and other federally run programs.

  • Elder Care

    There are many resources available under the umbrella for eldercare. Our team has in-depth knowledge of programs available and can help you make the most out of what is out there.

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